Monday, December 17, 2012

ARCHIVE: I Like Metaphors.

The one thing constant in my life over the past few years has been my poor judgement in selecting friends. I wrote this slightly passive aggressive post earlier this year that speaks to a few friendships I had at the time---metaphorically.

originally posted here on April 26, 2012 

I’ve noticed lately that I have more accessories than staple pieces. Instead of filling my wardrobe with the essentials (jeans, the classic white shirt or black pumps), I was out here racking up on accessories (necklaces, flashy rings, bracelets..that neon clutch that will only be useful a few times). But then again, who likes shopping for jeans? Not only do they cost you more money, but you also have to invest the time to try on several pair (to ensure they fit). On top of that, you may even have to go to several stores.  
Whereas with accessories, they tend to be significantly less expensive and are easily replaceable when broken. Lowkey, they’re a bit more fun to shop for. The downside however, is that although you may find that really cute ring that seems to go with every outfit…you know, eclectic enough to give a boring outfit some life but tame enough to wear to work. The problem is that after awhile it gets a little tarnished. 
Being the kind of person I am, I’ll still try to rock it but then it gets so bad that sometimes I’m like, “Alexis, really?” From a distance it still looks good and then if someone gets a little too close you’re now trying to hide your hand in your pocket. Not only that, but it grows so dingy that it doesn’t even match with the gold hoops you originally bought it to go with. So, although you and this ring had some good times, it’s time to say goodbye. No hard feelings, you just buy another cheap ring (probably from F21) and keep it pushing.
I said all that to say, I’m over all of the cheap trendy accessories. I’ve decided to invest in something of higher quality…like a new pair of jeans.

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