Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Struggles Of Becoming Independent

Transitioning from only being responsible for bedroom decor into having an entire apartment as a blank slate is turning into a bigger undertaking than I'd expected. Not only am I being faced with the the burden of sticking to one vision, but also the financial burden that comes along with funding it myself at the same time that I'm adjusting to the price tag of becoming independent.

As of today, I have been living alone for almost 3 months. Within this time, I contemplated what life would've been like living with a roommate on more than a handful of occasions. These thoughts made me begin to second guess my decision to live on my own and in complete transparency, most of this boils down to finances. However, today I stumbled upon the below video by Jillian Michaels for Everyday Health on "Staying Motivated While Making Changes." She advises to make a why list. She goes on to say, "If you have a why to live for, you can tolerate any how." I won't spoil the clip for you (it's only 1:47), but it basically reminded me of my reasons for deciding to make this change.

I find comfort in believing that the financial pressure I'm under won't last forever, it's just going to take some adjusting to this new life and learning to make better financial decisions.

Experiencing similar problems? Overcame them? Let's talk about it!

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