Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making Your New Place Feel Like Home

Unless I'm the odd ball out, I like to believe that a lot of new renters don't unpack everything as soon as they move in. If you're anything like me, you either don't have a place for it to go or are waiting until you've painted, purchased furniture, etc.

Living amongst boxes is fine in the beginning but after awhile you may begin to feel uncomfortable in your own space.

Below are few things that I've done in my apartment to make it feel more like home:

  1. Make at least one space in your home clutter free. For me, this was my bedroom, the place I initially spent the most time. Although you may not have the ideal comforter for your space or any of the other visions laid out quite yet. Cleaning up your space will make the room feel much more cozy.
  2. Unpack your favorite items. We all have things that we own that make us smile. Don't keep them hidden in closets or packed in boxes waiting for the best time to display them. Walking into your apartment or room and seeing them will make a world of a difference.
  3. Hang Pictures. Don't wait until your walls are painted to hang your pictures. Once the painters come, they will patch any holes you have. So, hanging your pictures now could not only make your place more homey, but also aide in helping you determine where to hang your artwork without messing up freshly painted walls later.
  4. Create a scent for your home. This by far is the best thing I've done in my place! When you move into a new place it smells unfamiliar and that can alter the way you feel about your place. Being able to come home and be welcomed by a familiar scent allows your place to not only feel like home, but smell like it too!

I hope the above helped. Let me know if it worked for you or if you have any other tips to make a new place feel like home.

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