Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Little Things In Life

New York living has definitely fostered within me an appreciation for the "little things" in life.

1. Doing Laundry 
To think, I would throw a fit when my mom would ask me to carry my dirty clothes from my bedroom to the laundry room.  Today, I would wash the laundry of someone other than my own, if doing so would allow me to trade in a three minute walk, train ride, calloused hands, and $12 dollars just to complete my linens and 1 load of clothes.

2. A Seat During Transit 
I used to complain having to travel 30 minutes to visit my friends who lived across town. Now, it takes 15-20 just to meet up with some 2 avenues over and around the corner. Not only that, but at least I had a seat on my previous 30 minute commute. Whereas now, I have to play the role of a gentleman and stand the entire trip because people in New York obviously weren't taught to give up their seat for the elderly, disabled, or women & children.

3. Grocery Shopping 
My mom dragging me to the grocery store was miserable. Since it was just her & I, outside of Publix trips (someone accompanies you to the car), I complained 6/10 times about having to load and unload the car.

Oh, how I wish that was all I had to do nowadays. Trips to the store now entail me figuring out how to rig a shopping cart to go outside of the radius before the wheels lock up. In the case I have money to blow - hustle my way into a cheaper cab fare. If not, a repeat of my public transit struggle - take into consideration however far I had to travel to get there. Then, once I arrive at my destination, not only do I have to unload a car (or walk 4-5 blocks from the train). I am also tasked with making multiple trips up and down two flights of stairs.

4. Chipping In On Gas 
This could start the biggest of arguments! Don't let one of your friends ask you for $5 to travel with her/him all the way across town to a friend's house to pregame, then downtown to go to the club, the back across town to Waffle House, then to drop you back to your house.

It costs me $40 alone just to get from midtown Manhattan to where I stay in Brooklyn. It's roughly $20 just to travel 15 minutes within Brooklyn. So, if someone were to ask me to "chip in"to go somewhere...I'd probably tip them and pay their cover for the club.

5. Going To The Club
The DJ could play all but one of the songs I wanted to hear (probably some random track from whatever mixtape I'd been listening to) and it would put a damper on my whole night. Now, I'm lucky to hear a song by someone from the South period! Not to mention, when they do play snippets of southern classics (for example: Back That A** Up), they switch the song before the best verse (using the same example, Wayne's verse) comes on. Yet, they can play the entire Junior Mafia album from start to finish including the interludes.

I used to be annoyed at guys running up on me to dance. Now, not only do they not dance at all, but they creepily lurk until you finally sense an eerie presence and look in their direction.

Having to pay a cover to get into some place is one thing, but now I get hit with mandatory coat checks --because clearly I control the weather and decided to make it 13 degrees below zero outside.

These are just a few examples of the joys of living in New York City. All I’m saying is, the grass isn’t necessarily always greener.

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